Dino Wheel


Ultra light weight with the strength for everyday use. Through the use of our proprietary tubular aluminum spokes the Dino has unmatched pushing characteristics. The responsiveness of the Dino will improve your pushing dramatically, allowing you to roll faster and longer than any other wheel on the market. These wheels respond in the fashion that a high performance, everyday wheel should: seamlessly. You will push more quickly without expending more energy. here are some key features:

The Dino utilizes our high quality double walled section “v” aluminum rim for strength and light weight. Tubular aircraft grade aluminum spokes. designed for maximum strength and light weight. Low spoke count allows easy access through the wheel as well as a feather light weight. Lightweight CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum hub. Tubular aluminum spokes are available in custom anodized colors.

  • Available in 24in [540] to 25in [559] sizes
  • 1.87in bearing spacing width at faces
  • 12 spoke count
  • Standard 6-tab handrim mounting holes
  • Wheel weight 1.7 lb
  • Maximum user weight limit: 250 pounds
  • Maximum wheel camber: 8 degrees
  • Technical Specifications Frequently Asked Questions
image of Dino Wheel


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